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Wicked Grafixx | Drag Racing T Shirt And Graphic Design Service Directory

Wicked Grafixx Drag Racing design services have been seen all across the globe. From Australia to the United States, Our designs have been featured on many racers teams.

Just one look and you'll know the Wicked Grafixx is the design you're looking at.

For racers, Wicked Grafixx is the ultimate in apparel, shirts, racing T-shirts and more.

In our design services directory here, we will give you many options to choose from, clear explanations of processes that factor into your also designs created by Tyler Clark, illustrator and graphic designer.

Examples are found throughout our website, featuring the highest quality drag racing T-shirts, and racing apparel produced today.

Colorful extraordinary designs, lifelike renderings of your race car is our specialty. Our designs complement each other with optional crew shirt packages available.

Wicked Grafixx not only does custom drag racing T-shirts, we also specializes in embroidery, race event flyers, and logo designs.

You've come to the one place where you can get it all at once.

PLEASE NOTE: Wicked Grafixx "DOES NOT SELL OUR CUSTOMERS DESIGNS" but can put you in touch with the owners / team for purchasing options from them through our contact page.

Drag Racing T-Shirt Screen Printing

Wicked Grafixx uses the same screen printing technology as others but our custom designs beg for the best quailty and we have that. Our designs are custom made to your orders.

In screen printing the ink actually lays on top of the fabric. Screen printing mixes the ink to match your pantone color before it is applied. Because the ink stays on top of the fabric the process starts with the specific color fabric you selected.

Wicked Grafixx Racing Shirts are the most economical for high volume Race team shirts and mass items printing. Very durable, machine washable. Drag Racing T-Shirt Screen Printing

Dye Sublimation Racing Crew / Team Shirts and Pit Shirts

Wicked Grafixx dye sublimation process of our Racing Team And Crew Shirts is one of the most appealing services we offer. Custom-designed drag racing T-shirts, Crew shirts, team shirts and race wear is of exceptional value to you as a racer and for your fans and sponsors.

Looking good and being comfortable at the race track means getting the best racing apparel possible for you and your team with our shirts which wear incredibly well, fit comfortably made of lightweight breathable polyester. Wicked Grafixx can handle your needs with high-quality die sublimated racing shirts. Our sub lamination process combined with our exceptional artwork means you stand out. High-quality, long-lasting performance race apparel is what we do best.

See Our High Quality Dye Sublimation Printing Process Here

Wicked Grafixx Custom Race Car Renderings | Vinyl Race Car Wraps

Whether you run Pro Modified or sportsman your vehicle's appearance is extremely important. Wicked Grafixx will work with you to create a design that commands attention through or race car wraps and race car renderings.

Professional and effective designs and renderings have become part of our complete services. Paint scheme designs can be created not only for your race car but also for your trailer and support vehicle matching your racing operations.

Our graphics are of the highest quality for any type of application, for racers who want that "One Off" looks that only Wicked Graphics can give you. Complete in high detail, either a custom paint render or a vinyl wrap is a great start with a rendering.

See Custom Race Car Renderings | Vinyl Race Car Wraps Here

Custom Drag Racing Embroidery

Wicked Grafixx will begin offering high-quality, custom embroidered shirts, T Shirts, Hats and other apparel soon. Whether you're running a one-person shop or outfitting an entire racing team, Wicked Grafixx designs will define and reinforce your racing identity and build branding awareness. Let our extensive years of graphic design in producing custom shirts, promotional shirts, and other corporate racing apparel work for you. To project a positive image, you should insist on Wicked Grafixx quality.

See Our NEW!! Drag Racing Embroidery

Custom Drag Racing Logo Design Services

A custom logo design by Wicked Grafixx is a must have, you brand yourself to day with a logo design that features the best possible graphics to show what your business is about. Wicked Grafixx has been involved in some of the highest profile racing events and business' which includes building their logo.

Notable accomplishments include the popular "YellowBullet.com" logo, Drag Illustrated Magazine's design which every racers has to be subcribed to now. The branding is effective, clear cut and one that all companies need.

See Our Gallery Of Custom Drag Racing / Business Racing Logo Designs

Racing Event Flyer Design Services

Make your Drag Racing event Wicked with a custom Wicked Grafixx Race Event Flyer. Most designers struggle with racing event flyers, not the case with Tyler Clark; he uderstands the racing venues and appeal a great flyer needs. Most of the time a fan will see a nominal event flyer simply made or lacking that powerful graphic punch.

Wicked Grafixx has all the tools needed to complete a flyer design that is memorable for your event. Automotive enthusiasts appreciate a well styled event flyer. Have one made today by Wicked Grafixx.

See Our Custom Racing Event Flyer Designs Gallery Here

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