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Wicked Grafixx | Custom Drag Racing T-Shirts, Crew Shirts and Designs Home Page

Wicked Grafixx is the leading designer in custom drag racing t-shirts, designs and renderings. Custom screenprinted t-shirts, Dye Sublimation drag race team shirts, crew shirts, racing team apparel, graphics, artwork, decals and automotive race car renderings. Wicked Grafixx by Tyler Clark is known worldwide as The Baddest T-Shirts in Drag Racing

About Tyler Clark | Wicked Grafixx Drag Racing Shirt Designer and Artist

Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx is renowned in the Drag Racing arena as the most influential T Shirt and Graphic designers in the sport. An in-depth look into who Tyler Clark and Wicked Grafixx is.

Drag Racing Shirt Graphic Designer News Blog | Latest Shirt Releases

Similar to any graphic designers wall, Wicked Grafixx will give you our latest racing shirt designs, renderings, logos and racers shirts in the news inside our blog, featuring new racing shirt releases, T Shirt designs coming soon and racers spotted wearing Wicked Grafixx Apparel.

Wicked Grafixx | Custom Drag Racing T-Shirts Main Designs Product Index

Yes, you have found The Place for the Baddest T-Shirts In Drag Racing right here at Wicked Grafixx. Our main T Shirt page will help you decide for sure that we are the best in the business when it comes to creating the most graphically styled shirts anywhere for all classes of Drag Racing, From Pro Modified To Index Racing.
  • Wicked Grafixx | Complete Drag Racing T Shirt, Team And Crew Shirt Packages

    Racers wanting the most for their team and track presence will take a good look at our custom T Shirt, Crew Shirt and Team Shirts combination packages for the ultimate respect when facing your opponent on the starting line; yes you will look "Wicked" in our apparel. Your team should appear just as powerful with a combination package.

  • Wicked Grafixx | Pro Modified Drag Racing T Shirts,ADRL, NHRA, Outlaw Designs

    The top names in the Drag Racing sport swear by Wicked Grafixx Pro Modified Drag Racing T Shirt Designs. The ultimate in a finely detailed image of their Pro Mod is duplicated with the closest tolerance to perfection. ADRL Pro Mod, Pro Extreme, Pro Nitrous, Extreme 10.5, and Outlaw Series Pro Modified plus The New Top Sportsman Rave are featured

  • Wicked Grafixx Custom Outlaw 10.5 Drag Racing T Shirts And Crew Shirts

    Only the best racers look for our Outlaw 10.5 Drag Racing T Shirts And Crew Shirts for the nations most popular Drag Racing Series, Outlaw 10.5 Drag Racing. Our Outlaw Ten Five T Shirts are storming the ranks on drag racers all over the country. Everything from superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous injected outlaws are featured by Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx.

  • Wicked Grafixx Custom Big Tire Drag Racing T Shirts

    Big Tire drag racing is still an extremely popular class. Heavy Street, NMCA, Outlaw Pro Street and more get attention with Wicked Grafixx Racing T Shirts, custom built just for you. Bring all that Big Tire power to life with one of our premium designs today

  • Wicked Grafixx Drag Racing T Shirts | Outlaw / True 10.5, X275, Outlaw Drag Radial

    Small Tire drag racing t shirts are becoming the norm as these high performance cars are the biggest in most classes, Outlaw 10.5, X275 Drag Radial, Outlaw Drag Radial, down to limited street and Index Racing,We have some great designs already in our Racing T Shirts Gallery

  • Wicked Grafixx Theme Based Custom Drag Racing T Shirts

    Looking for the ultimate in a custom Drag Racing T Shirt. Our Theme Based or More Than One Car Shirts easily fit into this category. Racing shirts designed with a theme or multiple cars included. Our theme designs incorporate a race car track, your own country, or even a city rendering to complete an artistic and detailed design

  • Wicked Grafixx | Single Car Drag Racing Competition T Shirt Designs

    Wicked Grafixx can provide the finest one car Drag Racing T Shirts in the business. Our single car drag racing designs are far and above the best in all of the racing T Shirt printers. Our high quality original designs with our exceptional race ware will keep you cool at the track. Only the best for Wicked Grafixx Customers

  • Wicked Grafixx | Drag Racing Event Shirt Designs And Apparel

    Name the biggest Outlaw Drag Racing Events or Promotional T Shirts purchased, you'll find Wicked Grafixx is behind the designs. As the official designer for the Yellow Bullet Nationals And ORTC Outlaw events, Radial Rumble, Light Out Georgia, Wicked Grafixx Drag Racing T Shirts and Apparel have been one of the most popular event items sold at the races.

  • Wicked Grafixx | Frequently Asked Questions, Racing Shirt Design Help Section

    Our frequenty asked questions - help section should be able to give you a baseline to determine what is is you need to provide us the most accurate information to begin designing your racing shirts and apparel, this is as much educational as it is informative.

Wicked Grafixx Custom Drag Racing Crew, Team Shirts & Apparel Main Page

Now one of the most popular options for teams are dye sublimation / screen printed Drag Racing Team, Crew Shirts & Apparel. Looking professional and well dressed on the starting line is imperative for promotion for both you and your sponsor with the media focusing on you constantly. Many designs are available and of course the same highest quality standards apply
  • Wicked Grafixx | Drag Racing Graphics Design, T Shirt Services

    Wicked Grafixx can handle of your Drag Racing Graphic Design service needs, capable of all style's of T Shirt Designs, Screen Printing, Dye Sublimation; Crew Shirts and Pit Shirts are our specialties. We take care of the artwork and design layouts with a dedication towards extreme detail Including Race Car Renderings. Logos, Flyers, Hats, and more including embroidery. We will design for you !!

  • Wicked Grafixx | Multi Color Drag Racing T-Shirt Screen Printing

    Wicked Grafixx uses the same screen printing technology as others but our custom designs beg for the best quailty and we have that. Our designs are custom made to your orders. Wicked Grafixx Racing Shirts are the most economical for high volume Race team shirts and mass items printing. Very durable, machine washable.

  • Wicked Grafixx | Dye Sublimation Drag Racing Crew, Team, And Pit Apparel

    Our Wicked Grafixx Dye Sublimated Drag Racing Crew,Team and Pit Shirts are the finest racing apparel. Designed to last and be the most comfortable, long lasting shirts you will want to buy for your race team. Made of lightweight polyester blends, our custom Dye Sublimation processed shirts offer you the cool look with great designs geared towards making you the best looking race team at the track.

  • Wicked Grafixx | Custom Embroidered Racing Shirts, Caps and Accessories!

    Wicked Grafixx offers a variety of custom embroidered Racing logo shirts, caps, hats and accessories. We offer exclusive services for drag racing teams looking for the best possible product.

  • Wicked Grafixx Custom Drag Racing Logo Design Services

    A custom logo design by Wicked Grafixx is a must have, you brand yourself to day with a logo design that features the best possible graphics to show what your business is about. Wicked Grafixx has been involved in some of the highest profile racing events and business' which includes building their logo.

  • Wicked Grafixx Drag Racing Flyers Design Services

    Make your Drag Racing event Wicked with a custom Wicked Grafixx Race Event Flyer. Most designers struggle with racing event flyers, Not the case with Tyler Clark, he uderstands the racing venues and appeal a great flyer needs. Have one made today by Wicked Grafixx.

The Official Wicked Grafixx Racing Shirts And Apparel Online Store

Dress yourself in official Wicked Graffix Apparel, Shirts with an attitude. Our exclusive designs feature the highest quality images placed on the best fabrics. Get your Wicked Apparel, swag, hats and gear only from Drag Racing Shirt designer Tyler Clark today. T Shirts, Crew Shirts, Team Shirts in brilliant color and Wicked Graphics.

Custom Drag Racing T-Shirts - Crew Shirts Pricing Schedule

Wicked Grafixx has a full array of pricing in our schedule. Our T-Shirts, Crew Shirts, Team Shirts are extremely of long lasting heavy duty build featuring full on Themes to Single Car shirts including hats and embroidery. Available in many sizes and bulk orders with shipping details we can give you an honest price and the most detailed designs in all of Drag Racing. Sweatshirts, hoodies, long sleeve can all be included in a Complete Package

Wicked Grafixx | Drag Racing Shirts Customer Testimonials

Wicked Grafixx has been compiling a full Customer Testimonials page for you to experience; we feel our customers are pleased and would like to let everyone know. Read what The Wicked Customers have to say about Wicked Grafixx Pro Modified to Competition Class Drag Racing Shirts

Wicked Grafixx | Drag Racing Graphics, Team Websites, Forum, Business Links

Browse through our extensive Drag Racing Graphics and website links, personal websites from our customers with an added link back system. We at Wicked Grafixx would like to give back to the most prominent customers, and business' that help us stay on top through message boards, drag racing websites, forums and more.

Wicked Grafixx Contact Page | Custom Drag Racing Shirts

Contact Tyler Clark of Wicked Grafixx for the ultimate in drag racing apparel, T Shirts, Crew Shirts and Team Shirts. Custom ordering of the baddest Shirts in all of drag racing. Phone, Email and Location; Louisville, Kentucky.

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